Thursday, September 11, 2014

New Blog Address!!!!

This blog is being deleted! Bookmark the address above! On the right hand side of the new blog, there is a “follow by email” box – fill that in and get emails when I publish new posts. Or add the blog to your RSS feed (RSS button on the right side of the blog)

And here’s why:

So my kids are getting older. I might be getting a real job again….and I say fuck and other inappropriate things a whole lot in this blog. So my options are: 1) Stop blogging and delete the blog, 2) Clean up the blog and make it PG or 3) Keep blogging, keep it the way it is and just change the blog address to something without my last name in it so it’s harder to connect it to me. Clearly, option three is the way to go.

I know it’s impossible to delete something forever on the internet, and I’m not overly concerned with people finding out my last name – I’m not really hiding - just trying to make it harder to connect this profanity-laden blog to my real last name, in case an employer googles me or something.

So again, my new blog address is:

Bookmark it, sign up for email updates (right hand side of blog), add it to your RSS feed, email your friends with the new blog address, whatever! I’ll keep the old blog up, telling people to head over to the new address for awhile, but eventually, I will delete it completely and only have the new blog.

Facebook update: I created a new Facebook page for this blog, so be sure to head to my NEW blog ( and click on the “facebook” button on the right hand side OF THE NEW BLOG. You’ll find my new Facebook page there, so be sure to add me as a friend (I promise I’ll accept!) and that is now the only place on Facebook I will put up the new blog posts. Which brings me to another point…I’ve taken on a lot of Facebook friends on my personal page, with blog readers. I love all of you, really, but I’ve decided to delete all the Facebook friends I don’t know personally. I’m sorry…I’m sure you love getting my updates about my kids, but thanks to JUST a few creepers, it’s become a little weird. 99.9% of you are normal and super sweet, but I just feel it’s the right thing to do. So if I delete you over the next couple days, it’s just because I don’t know you, so please just go to the new facebook page, be my friend there, and you’ll still get blog link updates. Thank you SO much for understanding.

Twitter Update: I'm changing my username on Twitter to: jenfblogger so you can follow that too. If you already follow me there, it just transfers over so now you're following jenfblogger... Make sense?

Now go and take care of business: